Com’è Soave
l’amore quand’è sincero
da entrambe le parti.
È un airone bianco sulla neve,
l’occhio non lo separa.

A Story  
back from 100 years,
bound inseparably to the Tessari family
for four generations.
In the Winery
From the latest in Winery design concepts 
to the Museum of Wine. Go through 
the Ca' Rugate experience and taste our wines.
Grapes and territories
Between the Soave Classico and Valpolicella territories,
the essence of our grapes is born,
and varies with every harvest.
Ca’ Rugate takes its name from the hill where it stands, in the Soave Classico zone of the province of Verona, where the majority of the vineyards belonging to the Tessari family are sited. The business has been in the family’s hands for four generations, and now includes 90 hectares altogether, between Soave Classico, Valpolicella and Lessini Durello.
Bianco veneto IGT
sur mesure
Special tailor-made projects

The composition of the land, bringing out the quality of the indigenous grape varieties, the short pruning, low yields per hectare and research into new systems of cultivation, all help us to obtain wines of great character.

In the winery
All the Ca' Rugate grapes are vinified in the winery at Montecchia di Crosara, built to the latest concept, where state of the art technology allows continuous experimenting to broaden the potential horizons for excellence.
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