Amarone Punta Tolotti 2012 is Tre Bicchieri 2017

Amarone Punta Tolotti 2012 is Tre Bicchieri 2017

Italian Wines 2017 - Gambero Rosso

The Tessari Family,

Is glad to inform that Amarone Punta Tolotti 2012 Ca' Rugate holds Tre Bicchieri  - Gambero Rosso 2017 edition.

It is really important for Tessari Family to share the satisfaction for this award, with all his travel friends: the collaborators in the vineyards, in the cellar, of the bureau, the Italian and international partners.

Include the terroir of Punta Tolotti, extraordinary site of the municipality of Montecchia di Crosara, in the Amarone map of excellence, represents an amazing result, because in the Gambero Rosso history never before a Soave farm won the highest award also with the most important red wine of the region.

The other fundamental reading of this recognition is the fact that, with this award, we add to the wine list "Trebicchierati" the story of the house Ca' Rugate (Bucciato - Monte Fiorentine - Monte Alto - Studio - The Perlara) another fantastic banner, demonstrating the cross qualitative strength's and full of the entire production range.

Thank you for your participation  


Michele Tessari

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