Monte Fiorentine 2013 is Wine of Excellence

Monte Fiorentine 2013 is Wine of Excellence

The Espresso’s Guide to Italian wines, edited by Ernesto Gentili and Fabio Rizzari, awards Ca’ Rugate.

The Monte Fiorentine 2014 has been selected as Vino dell’Eccellenza, the highest acknowledgement of the Guide.

In the light of the results given by the most important Italian guides, and considering that San Michele is acknowledged every day, in Italy and throughout the world, by the many Clients and Consumers that choose it because of its excellent value for money, we believe that Ca’ Rugate can consider itself satisfied with its range of white wines.

Naturally the merit for this goes to everyone: a first-rate group of agricultural and technical advisors, a Commercial Team of absolute excellence, and last but not least, all those who have believed and still believe in the work of this company. Thank you all!

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