Studying means exploring new limits.
Studying means discovering.
Studying means not stopping.
(taken from the text on the back of the label)


Studio is the name of a wine but it is also the study of a wine. A study made up of research and experiment on two varieties of grape, typical of the Soave area: Trebbiano di Soave and Garganega. This study began several years ago, and has led Ca' Rugate towards a rereading and reinterpretation of these two indigenous vines.
If, behind the elegant and perfect motions of a classical ballerina, there are years of exercise, rehearsal and passionate commitment, in the same way behind the perfumes and fullness of Studio flow years of research, experiment and tenacious enthusiasm.
Studio is our IGT wine, combining grapes from 60% Trebbiano di Soave and 40% di Garganega, partly aged in French oak casks with original capacity of 680 lt, often used in the most important wineries of Burgundy. This is experimenting too.
During this learning process, we believe we have tried to discover a new way of interpreting these two extraordinary grape varieties typical of our region. For us too, like the ballerina on the Studio label, studying doesn’t stop here - indeed it never comes to an end.

Dance as if no-one were watching you.
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